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Keep Your Metal Roof Resilient

It’s always smart to pay attention to wear and tear impacting your metal roofing. Age, severe weather events, sealing around roof penetrations, and other factors can lead to expensive damages to your building and its contents. Reach out to Roof Point to conduct an inspection. Let a professional assess the full condition of your roof!

Signs of Metal Roof Damage:
The Roof Point “Process”
Pressure wash roof with minimal 3,500 PSI using rust off cleaner to achieve surface free of dirt, oil, grease, loose rust, residue and any other contaminants
Prime entire roof using prime time to ensure proper adhesion to roof along with encase metal primer in rusty areas which has a rust-inhibiting compound to prevent future rust.
Waterproof all Vertical and horizontal seams using a kevlar fabric with 5 way stretch to shift and move under normal expansion and contraction embedded in acrylic base coat.
Inspect all fasteners, screws and fastening devices. Tighten or replace loose or missing fasteners so that all metal sections are firmly held together and all joining sections closed.
Waterproof all fasteners by encapsulating the fasteners with a low viscosity material designed to flow around each fastener head.
Waterproof all penetrations, joints, vents, flashings and repair areas using a low viscosity compound which is formulated to seal areas where leaks could occur, remains flexible, and cures to a tough durable finish.
Apply Top Coat over the entire surface to provide UV protection, 85% reflectivity, tack-free, dirt-resistant finish.
Benefits of Roof Point’s SPF Systems:
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When it comes to metal roof restoration, Roof Point has the expertise and experience to deliver outstanding results. Choose a contractor that can give you total confidence through great workmanship and fair pricing. If you have commercial property in Ohio’s northern counties including communities in Cuyahoga, Summit, Lake, Trumbull, or Geauga, contact us for a FREE Roof Consultation and Estimate – 814-547-2177