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A Practical Approach that Adds Longevity to Roof

Preventative maintenance is the best way to add longevity to a commercial roof. But if you’ve let routine maintenance slip, or if you inherited roof problems after buying a building, consider a roof restoration. A roof restoration system restores your existing roof. If the structural integrity of your roof deck is still intact, our Membrane Restoration Systems can be installed to ensure the prevention of leaks and other types of damage. A Membrane Restoration System by Roof Point can be your best and most economical option for an aging or damaged roof.

Hire Roof Point to assess your roof conditions and offer smart, long-lasting alternatives to an entire new roof.

Signs of Roof Membrane Damage:
The Roof Point “Process”

Pressure wash roof with minimal 4000 PSI using WAC II cleaner to achieve surface free of dirt, oil, grease, residue and any other contaminants.

Prime entire roof using tack coat to ensure proper adhesion to roof.
Waterproof all seams using a 5” wide kevlar fabric with 5 way stretch to shift and move under normal expansion and contraction embedded in an acrylic base coat.
Seal the entire roof with Top Coat to provide UV protection, 85% reflectivity, tack-free, dirt-resistant finish.
Recommended Products and Product Use
Benefits of Conklin membrane coating:
Roof restoration systems. Are they more affordable?
Reroofing is a time-consuming and expensive process, requiring stripping off each layer of roofing, including the roof covering, insulation, membrane, and flashing. However, roof recovery systems use the existing insulation and other roof materials to avoid a full replacement and offer a much more cost-effective solution.
Consider the environmental benefits.
Roof Point can reuse much of your existing roof materials, saving you the expense of unnecessary new material and producing less consumption and waste.
Is a Roof Restoration System always the best option?

You can always save money with a roof restoration system as compared to a complete roof replacement, but if a roof is severely aged or riddled with small and vulnerable damages, Roof Point will definitely recommend a roof replacement. In the long run, it’s a great investment!

What’s the condition of your roof deck:
A damaged roof deck is not a viable foundation for a roof recovery system, Roof Point can assess any damage to the roof decking to determine if a roof replacement is necessary. This requires pulling up existing roof materials to get to the framework of your building.
Is a roof restoration system viable for you? Roof Point knows.

Is your roof a viable candidate for a roof restoration system? Let Roof Point consult you on this important question.

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